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Fiberglass fabric + thermoplastic sheet

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GFTP laminate is a brand new product in our company’s product portfolios. With years of effort, our company can formally announce that thermoplastic related glass fabric product can be offered to the market.  

Thermoplastic reinforced glass fabric, has its unit plastic properties, plus it will much better physical strength for the thin wall application, like cell phone cover and tablet computer cover.

With the pleasure, we are offering below product to you:

GFTP- PCFR grade, will high performance flame retardant polycarbonate resin, can provide you a product with FR rank at 94V – V0 @ 0.4 mm.

GFTP-PCHT grade, with optical grade of polycarbonate resin, can provide you a product with light transmission rank >65% @ 0.4 mm

Other than the over polycarbonate thin wall application, we can help to develop other thermoplastic product, like PP, PE, PA6, PMI etc.


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